Phone Reviews – The Oppo Reno 6″


The Oppo Reno 6 gives a big boost to the company’s smartphone line, which launched with the launch of the iPhone 4S last year. This year the company has refreshed its whole lineup of smartphones, adding several key features to increase their appeal. It is interesting that Oppo, a relatively young company, has chosen to launch its own smartphones first, even though Apple is one of its largest customers. Apple is probably figuring out a way to directly combat Android in this regard, but for now Android users have access to everything the Oppo device has to offer.

While the company did not announce any major upgrades to the product line today, it does promise some new features to come down the road. The Oppo Reno 6 has a nice battery, one with a higher capacity than the original. The phone also offers better connectivity, thanks in large part to the inclusion of HSDPA (High Speed Digital Pannel), which provides faster downloads for various media files. The reno 6 has a built in DPI camera, which is a welcome addition for most people. The camera has a nice, wide field of view, especially helpful for capturing outdoors without having to physically draw the focus to make sure the shot is sharp and clear.

Like the iPhone and iPod Touch, the Oppo 6 also has a standard camera on the handset, though the Oppo has an “artistic” camera lens that adds some fun to the pictures taken with the device. The HSDPA support is present on both the iPhone and the Android models, though the iPhone enjoys an edge in the amount of cellular connectivity and battery life. For most people, the upgrade to the 6 pro will be more about increasing storage space than getting the highest DPI of any cell phone. The main camera on the Oppo, however, is just as capable of taking some pretty good pictures.

The battery on the Oppo Reno seems to be slightly weaker than that on the iPhone, which could mean that the Oppo’s extra gigabytes of memory may come at a cost. The increase in memory size does help with image clarity, but many photographers say that it’s just not that much of an advantage. However, the added gigabytes should make photo uploading to one’s Facebook or MySpace faster… and it may increase the likelihood that one can upload a few songs to that social networking site. Oppo Reno 6

Like many phones these days, the Oppo packs everything that you would expect out of a modern smartphone. There are standard speakers on the front, a nice speaker set on the back, and of course the headphone jack. One of the things that sets this smartphone apart from its peers is that it does not use a micro SD card to store the pictures that the user takes. Instead, all of the storage comes from the main camera’s huge LCD screen. This means that the only limitation to the Opo is the type of memory cards that the user chooses to put it on.

Some users may find the lack of micro SD storage a deal breaker, while others will love the lack of size. Because of its huge size, however, the Oppo Roo can actually take some pretty large pictures (up to six megapixels if that’s what you’re looking for). Because it also has a super bright LED flashlight, the Oppo Roo definitely packs a punch. If you want something flashy, then look no further than the Oppo Reno 6. You won’t regret it!